Amber Lott

Amber Lott


I am the newest addition to Clawson Insurance having joined in 2015. What started out as a job has turned into a career. Finding a job in a small town is tough, finding a satisfying career is even harder!

My original career in the field of dentistry did not fulfill my desire to really help people. When I joined Clawson Insurance I found a way to help people and have a lifetime career!

My husband and I successfully owned and operated our own business in the timber industry which helps me better assist others in building insurance products that protect their assets and their future. I can help anyone build a policy based on your own specific needs and within your specific budget.

Our children are our life and I am thrilled to add grandchildren to the joy that every day brings. What better way to celebrate life! How can one person be so blessed to have a good husband, great children, beautiful grandchildren, and a “job” that you love!

Call me for tips on the latest craft projects. If you want to share a recipe, call my husband, Ike! If you want me to help you craft your personal insurance policy call me!