Cindy Clawson

Cindy Clawson


I started in the insurance industry in the early 1980’s with no intention of having it be a lifelong commitment. Life happened and I ended up back in my home town and went to work full time once again at an insurance agency. Then I bought the agency just two years later in 1989.

The people that have reached out to me for assistance in building their personalized insurance program have been more than awesome. I have been blessed to watch families grow and prosper through the years. I have been able to help through the good times and the bad times.

The one thing that makes every day worthwhile are the comments from my faithful and supportive clients. They are the first to reach out with the best compliments about how much they appreciate all that we do.

My passion is approaching life with the heart of a teacher. Many hours have been spent learning the complexity of the insurance contract. I specialize in senior products, farm/ranch insurance, business insurance, life insurance, contractors and bonding.

When I am not working with insurance clients, I am assisting real estate buyers and sellers (I decided to get a real estate license in 1995). In my spare time I enjoy quiet evenings, remodeling projects, a good book, a warm fire in the winter, and a cool breeze in the summer and a nice glass of wine.